Grand Theft Walrus

Grand Theft Walrus Screencap

So I’m sitting there innocently watching The Simpsons Movie when out of nowhere comes the greatest video game that never existed, Grand Theft Walrus! An instant classic, to be sure. Obviously not an Atlantic or Pacific Walrus, the Liberty City walrus is clearly on the fast track to nowhere. Here’s some links to relevant reference material, including the clip from the movie.

All this is copyrighted material of course – magic of the Internet at work, here….

4 thoughts on “Grand Theft Walrus

  1. Again, you and I think alike. 🙂 When I went to see this movie with some good pals, I brought along two walrus plushies just for a random lark. Theatergoers thought it was cute, and one said I was “eccentric”, but in a very positive way. 🙂

    Cue that scene. My friends could NOT STOP LAUGHING, and I was just staring, dumbfounded. The guy who called me eccentric turned around and high-fived both plushies, and I was still stunned for a good five minutes.

    Wow. Just…wow.

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