Uhaul Walrus Graphic

One of the things I’ve enjoyed over the years are the high-quality postcard-style vector illustrations decorating the sides of U-haul moving trucks. There are several for each state and of course, the series includes a walrus!

This illustration is one of several for the state of Maine. The text refers to the presence of Walrus in Maine during and after the last ice age. I have more information about these Altantic Walrus coming in a future post. It’s a change from our usual focus on the more common Pacific Walrus.

As for U-Haul, the illustration series is highlighted on a excellent series of webpages at U-Haul’s site. The explain the illustrations, have PDF coloring versions of each illustration and lots of information about the subject matter of each of the graphics.

Here’s a link to the walrus-specific page:
Here’s the Coloring Book PDF link (downloadable PDF file):

You can’t book a flight, or a Uhaul to Maine if you want to see walrus these days, seems like we’ve all missed them by a few years… I really enjoy this series and give much credit to the effort that U-haul has put towards the support of this marketing campaign.

Fun Walrus Illustration by Alexei Vella

I really like this walrus illustration by Canadian illustrator Alexei Vella. This would make a great shirt or small framed print. Just thought I’d share it with all of you!

Alexei Vella specializes in creating images that are both striking and complex, sensual yet undeniably intellectually involving. In order to achieve this unique look, Vella employs a complex colour palette, an eclectic application of graphics and texture, and a sophisticated use of antiquated surfaces.

Visit Alexei’s website to see more colorful illustration work.

Origami Walrus: Why not?

OK, you know how people say you can find ANYTHING on the internet? I keep coming up with wacky web searches to find material for the blog and today we have the next installment – how to fold an origami walrus!

Origami Walrus by DonyaQuick on DeviantArt

Thanks to Donya Quick on DeviantArt.

Great walrus illustration print

I stumbled across this print on Twitter the other day – the artist is Scott D. Ferguson (@Sc0tticus). He draws a webcomic called “Nerf This“. I like his illustration style. I’m also beginning to think I’m the only one online that doesn’t currently draw a webcomic…

You can purchase the print at the nerf-this web store at this link. The perfect accessory for any drawing room, library, or old school wood-paneled smoking den festooned with hunting trophies.