Ride The Walrus!

Ride the Walrus!
Extreme Walrus Juice!

Made from fresh-squeezed walrus! Once again, graphic evidence that somewhere in the writing crew associated with Matt Groening’s various production companies – there is a fan of the walrus. This one’s from Futurama. A semi-interesting aside: When my son was younger and we were swimming, he’d yell out “Ride the Walrus!” and climb on my back to be pulled around the pool. I’ve only seen like 3 episodes of Futurama, but this must have been one of them. As far as my claim that someone associated with Futurama/The Simpsons is a fan of the walrus, allow me to link to my earlier post “Grand Theft Walrus!“…

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Grand Theft Walrus

Grand Theft Walrus Screencap

So I’m sitting there innocently watching The Simpsons Movie when out of nowhere comes the greatest video game that never existed, Grand Theft Walrus! An instant classic, to be sure. Obviously not an Atlantic or Pacific Walrus, the Liberty City walrus is clearly on the fast track to nowhere. Here’s some links to relevant reference material, including the clip from the movie.

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