Very Worried Walrus

Very Worried Walrus Cover
Very Worried Walrus Cover

So I’m over at my girlfriend’s house the other night, checking out all the kids books she has on her bookshelf to see if there’s anything notable that I might want to snag for my son. Lots of random titles, lots of ones I knew and had read already, classics such as The Phantom Toolbooth – and then I came across a title that knocked me back full two steps!

Very Worried Walrus – part of the old Sweet Pickles series. It’s about a Walrus who uh… worries a lot. Didn’t see that coming did you?

First of all, I totally remember this series, since I was 11 years old in 1977 and have a brother that’s five years younger – not to mention a first-grade-teaching mom who’s probably GOT this book. However, that’s not the reason that this book came as such a surprise. For that, we need a short story.

You see, most of my family gives me a hard time about being “very worried” about most things, a trait I gleefully play up whenever I can. I totally identify with the concerns of Walrus related to biking, although I admit he takes it a bit far. It should be noted that he was right about hitting a tree. So I looked at Very Worried Walrus, to paraphrase the quote, and he was me!

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