Hello World!

Hello and welcome to the World Wide Walrus Web – a place for all of us walrus enthusiasts (both of us?) to find information and references to our tusky friends, both real and fictional, funny and sobering. In case you haven’t read the “about” page, let me give you a little information about me, and what you’ll find here on this site.

First of all, I should tell you that I’m just a guy who gets a kick out of walrus, even just the general idea of a walrus. I’m not a scientist, and environmentalist or even an amateur biologist. Part of the purpose of this site is for me to collect more information and explore more deeply a subject that I’m interested in, and take you along for the ride. No agenda or particular direction, but as you can see – there’s a central theme and it’s… wait for it … the walrus!

This is the sort of information this site will contain as it grows:

  • Scientific facts about walrus and walrus habitat
  • Stories and anecdotes about walrus
  • Media – photos, videos, cartoons, writing – about walrus
  • Where you can see them
  • Links to other relevant sites

I built this as a ‘blog, and not a static website, since my exploration of all things walrus is always expanding, and the sit should too. I aspire to make regular updates, and I’m hoping that some of you may choose to join in with your own experiences, comments and maybe even photos! And one more thing – if you Google the term “walrus”, most of the hits you get are Beatles fan sites. While I like the Beatles as much as the next guy over 35, this site’s going to focus on REAL walrus, and generally stay away from the “Paul” variety. Or whoever it turned out to be. I’m not THAT much of a Beatles fan.

Let’s go!

Oh, by the way, for you non-programmers who don’t know the story here is a link to Wikipedia’s explanation of the phrase “Hello World!”