Welcome to Walrus Island! Amazing pictures…

Copyright Solent/Steven Kazlowski/SeaPics
Copyright Solent/Steven Kazlowski/SeaPics

You have to check out the amazing article that is accompanied by the above picture, and several more, over on http://www.dailymail.co.uk. Taken from a plane about 20 miles out over the Chukchi Sea- which is pretty much walrus central. It must have been an unbelievable experience to see this in real life. I mean, look at all those freakin’ walruses!!

Here’s the link to the full article:

Welcome to Walrus Island: Scores of marine mammals turn iceberg in the ocean off Alaska into floating ‘houseboat’


Horkers: The War Walruses of Skyrim

Like many many other people, I’ve been playing Skyrim lately. I got my copy for Christmas, so I haven’t played through the game too far, but I am looking forward to (well, not really, until I level up some more) running into a Horker! As you can see above, the Horker is a sort of walrus-beast and exists in the world of Skyrim as a wild random encounter. The Skyrim Wiki explains..

Horkers are passive-aggressive creatures usually found near water, particularly the ocean and cold areas. They are often encountered in groups and are highly social…

As in real life – Horkers are valuable for their meat and tusks. More information about their in-game stats is available here: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Horker

Update: I ran into my first Horkers last night. They must have recognized me a a friend of the walrus, for they did not attack, and I left them alone.


Walrus Pic of the Day: I’ll be up here, guys….


Check out this photo! I found this on Twitter in a news article, and then Dan Ritzman (@lastcurlew) a campaign manager with the Sierra Club, sent me a larger version of the photo! Here’s what Dan has to say about the picture:

This happens fairly often when a few walrus gather on a melting ice chunk. The ice melts out underneath but the weight of the walrus keeps it submerged then when a bunch of the walrus swim off leaving one on the now lighter iceberg floats up suspending one walrus high in the air…

Thanks Dan!

Note: Longtime readers may remember another picture of this type posted here (http://www.worldwidewalrusweb.com/2011/04/21/walrus-pic-of-the-day-3/ ).

Walrus Pic of the Day: Smooshi wins Movember!

Movember is a charity event that involves growing mustaches for charity. Walrus trainer, Wipeout Canada champion and friend of the World Wide Walrus Web Phil Demers posted this picture of Smooshi on Twitter. Smooshi wins!

Follow Phil on Twitter: @walruswhisperer

More info about Smooshi and Phil is here.

What does a Walrus Sound Like, 2.0

I originally posted on this topic some months ago here (What Does a Walrus Sound Like?) but I just now discovered a great new interview via NOVA Science Now that will really give you a complete picture of the types of sounds a walrus makes. This is from the walruses at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA – where you may be aware they are awaiting the imminent and very rare birth of a walrus calf! This is a great audio/photo feature.

The interactive feature is packed with GORGEOUS walrus photos, lots of info thanks to trainer Leah Coombs of Six Flags and Dr. Colleen Reichmuth of UC Santa Cruz. This is old, it’s from ’09 but it’s new to me, and likely new to you too. Sivuqaq and Uquq, two of the featured walruses, are today’s expectant parents!

Here’s the link to the interview (transcript and audio) over at PBS.com/Nova

And that’s what a Walrus sounds like.