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So anyway, we’ve been posting to Pinterest, and we have a number of walrus-related boards with great photos, illustrations, and other walrus content!

If you are not familiar, Pinterest is a social “pinboard” where you can share “pinned” photos, etc with the wider world. Like and share, pin and re-pin, and build a collection of visuals to suit your interest.

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So anyway, we’ve been exploring Pinterest, which is all the rage right now. Pinterest is a social “pinboard” where you can share “pinned” photos, etc with the wider world. Like and share, pin and repin, and build a collection of visuals to suit your interest. We’ve just started building out our board, so there are just a few images there right now. We’ll be building out the structure of our boards and our content there this month. However, if you’re on Pinterest, please follow us!

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100th post

Wow. I just realized that I pushed my 100th post last night. Not sure these milestones mean anything, but hey – 100 posts – that’s a lot to say about walruses! And there’s a lot more to come.

For historical purposes – here’s a link the the first post on the Walrus Web. And here’a a link to the post explaining why I got interested in doing this in the first place.

Thanks for your visits and your comments. This has been, and continues to be a fun project.

Back to life….

Hi everyone – sorry things have gone quiet on here. I’ve been so swamped as my real job has been growing and growing and eating most if not all of my time. Sadly, the Walrus Web had paid the price. However – I am back. Hope you continue to follow the Walrus Web, I’ve got a bunch of posts queued up and with the long weekend, even I have time to update the blog! There will be action on the Walrus Web Twitter account as well, if you don’t follow us, please do: @walrusweb

Sorry for the break!

Monthly Meta for April

Hi new readers and returning visitors and thanks for all the traffic in this last month. Each month traffic to the WWWW has grown, and this month has been our best so far. I truly appreciate all the visits and appreciation that has been shown to this little blog by all of you. I enjoy maintaining it. And, with something like $1.15 in Adsense revenue for April (seriously), I can take the bus to my real job for free! Once. And not round trip. 🙂

Good thing I don’t expect to make money with this site!

Once again Chumley the walrus has ruled our search terms although lately I’ve gotten quite a lot of searches for “walrus sounds” which have led to my two posts one the subject. I notice a lot of searches for “Nereus” and related terms this month, so I suspect the Nereus episode of Growing Up… was on Animal Planet at some point.

Are you on Facebook? I haven’t yet built a Facebook page for the WWWW (it’s in progress though) but I was turned on to a great Facebook group called the Walrus Appreciation Society. Great content and good folks there. Check it out.

Are you following the @walrusweb on Twitter?

Thanks again, and there’s more great content coming in May.

Monthly Meta: Facts about the blog

Happy February regular readers, and welcome new visitors! I’m just marking a spot here for the monthly “meta” post. For those of you that aren’t nerds, “meta” is a term used by those of us who spend WAY too much time online, to refer to data associated with a thing. I use the tag “Meta” to describe posts that aren’t about walruses, but are about the blog. I only do one meta post a month, maximum, unless something unusual happens.

January was our busiest month so far on the blog – we’ve been doing a little advertising, and it’s driven SOME traffic to the site, but the vast majority comes from Google. As you may know, we’re on Twitter and twitter is now our number 2 referrer (only 7%, versus 64% for Google – so a distant second). Are you following us on Twitter? We post about new blog posts and also retweet interesting walrus stuff and respond at random to tweets mentioning walruses.

Chumley the Walrus still rules the search terms with an iron flipper. 12 of the top twenty search terms people use to find the blog involve Chumley.

We’ve got some fun stuff coming up this month. I have a lot in my drafts folder – if I wasn’t so busy with my actual JOB, I’d be able to post more often. Please pass the word about the World Wide Walrus Web to your friends online via Twitter or your own blogs, as always – thanks for your visits and comments and feel free to help us out by clicking on an ad link now and then – this isn’t our job, but hosting isn’t free…

Not quite EVERYTHING is coming up walrus….

Here’s a quickie list of walrus-related memes, phenomena etc that I am aware of but will NOT be posting about. Just thought I’d share…

  1. “The Walrus Sings at Midnight”
  2. The Ambien Walrus
  3. “And there was an alligator and a walrus, and three men died with an axe! A hatchet to the face!”
  4. Oasis’ (or anyone else’s) cover of  “I am The Walrus”
  5. Wilford Brimley, Craig Stadler, et al…

Yeah, OK – this doesn’t count as a real post – just my first of the month “Meta”.

Twitter Account for the World Wide Walrus Web

I’ve started a Twitter account for the blog at:

Mostly notifications of new posts and retweets of amusing or informative walrus-related Twitter updates. It’s Twitter, so of course Justin Bieber is already referenced in the stream. Come follow us, if you’re on Twitter.

The “Tweet Button” will eventually be added to posts here, but it’s not playing well with my WordPress theme, and I don’t have time to troubleshoot it right now, stay tuned.

“Tweet!” said the walrus.

Hello World!

Hello and welcome to the World Wide Walrus Web – a place for all of us walrus enthusiasts (both of us?) to find information and references to our tusky friends, both real and fictional, funny and sobering. In case you haven’t read the “about” page, let me give you a little information about me, and what you’ll find here on this site.

First of all, I should tell you that I’m just a guy who gets a kick out of walrus, even just the general idea of a walrus. I’m not a scientist, and environmentalist or even an amateur biologist. Part of the purpose of this site is for me to collect more information and explore more deeply a subject that I’m interested in, and take you along for the ride. No agenda or particular direction, but as you can see – there’s a central theme and it’s… wait for it … the walrus!

This is the sort of information this site will contain as it grows:

  • Scientific facts about walrus and walrus habitat
  • Stories and anecdotes about walrus
  • Media – photos, videos, cartoons, writing – about walrus
  • Where you can see them
  • Links to other relevant sites

I built this as a ‘blog, and not a static website, since my exploration of all things walrus is always expanding, and the sit should too. I aspire to make regular updates, and I’m hoping that some of you may choose to join in with your own experiences, comments and maybe even photos! And one more thing – if you Google the term “walrus”, most of the hits you get are Beatles fan sites. While I like the Beatles as much as the next guy over 35, this site’s going to focus on REAL walrus, and generally stay away from the “Paul” variety. Or whoever it turned out to be. I’m not THAT much of a Beatles fan.

Let’s go!

Oh, by the way, for you non-programmers who don’t know the story here is a link to Wikipedia’s explanation of the phrase “Hello World!”