Monthly Meta for April

Hi new readers and returning visitors and thanks for all the traffic in this last month. Each month traffic to the WWWW has grown, and this month has been our best so far. I truly appreciate all the visits and appreciation that has been shown to this little blog by all of you. I enjoy maintaining it. And, with something like $1.15 in Adsense revenue for April (seriously), I can take the bus to my real job for free! Once. And not round trip. 🙂

Good thing I don’t expect to make money with this site!

Once again Chumley the walrus has ruled our search terms although lately I’ve gotten quite a lot of searches for “walrus sounds” which have led to my two posts one the subject. I notice a lot of searches for “Nereus” and related terms this month, so I suspect the Nereus episode of Growing Up… was on Animal Planet at some point.

Are you on Facebook? I haven’t yet built a Facebook page for the WWWW (it’s in progress though) but I was turned on to a great Facebook group called the Walrus Appreciation Society. Great content and good folks there. Check it out.

Are you following the @walrusweb on Twitter?

Thanks again, and there’s more great content coming in May.

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