Robot Walruses On Display… Well, not really…

This exchange was posted on the Not Always Right blog

(I work in the walrus exhibit at the park answering questions about the animals. One of our four walruses has metal caps on her teeth because she scrapes them on the ground constantly.)

Guest: “Hey, I have a question about the walrus with the metal teeth.”

Me: “Ah, yes. That is an interesting story! See, she–”

Guest: “So, why is that walrus a robot?”

Me: “Sorry, what? A robot?”

Guest: “Yeah, that’s the only one with metal teeth. You can tell it is a robot. Why would you put a robot walrus in with the real ones? Or are they all robots?”

Yeeaaah….  Not Always Right (from the saying “The Customer is NOT Always Right) is a humor blog collected anecdotes from the world of customer service.

Baby Otter vs. Stuffed Walrus: Cute Wins Out!

Showing up on multiple Twitter feeds right now, including mine (@walrusweb) is this highly cute video of a baby otter(!) playing with a stuffed walrus. Nothing more need be said…

Click on the graphic or hit the link to view the whole video. If you’re having a long day, I highly recommend it. Thanks Cheezburger Network – we’ll revisit you when we’re ready to lay out the saga of the LOLrus.

Save the Gulf Walrus!

I’ve been meaning to post about the “gulf walrus” for some time. I was appalled of course to learn about this story, surely you remember the outcry during the height of the oil spill when it became obvious that the oil companies had apparently used “Save-As” to create their Gulf of Mexico wildlife protection plans. (Here’s an article to refresh your memory). So today as I’m trolling Twitter for good walrus-related tweets – I happen across this highly amusing ad for “Save the Gulf Walrus T-Shirts”.

These are a recent product from an apparel/designed goods company called “Dirty Coast” based in New Orleans. Their products and their site are well designed, amusingly written, and they seem to be doing what they can to build and grow a locally-focused and locally-proud business in New Orleans despite what seems to us outsiders like constant cataclysmic opposition from the elements and etc.

Save the Gulf Walrus

It wasn’t until the BP Oil Gusher could not be contained that the plight of these very, very, very rare animals was given international attention. Like BP and most other Oil companies, we too believe that protecting the Louisiana Walrus is an important part of any contingency plan after a disaster. Now that is is 6 months after the BP incident we wanted to remind everyone of the Gulf Walrus.

Forgive me for lifting this graphic and description – you should visit this site – it will make you smile, and buy a shirt ’cause an animal as rare as the Gulf Walrus needs to be protected. Only YOU can help!

Back to the Gulf Walrus -the quote I most remember from this debacle is attributed to ExxonMobile CEO Rex Tillerson who let fly with this classic in congressional testimory, “And it’s unfortunate that walruses were included. It’s an embarrassment that they were included.”

Of course I agree but I have adopted the concept of the “walrus” to represent any unwanted item or word in a document. “Make sure the check this proposal for walruses!” I might say. Well, I haven’t said it YET, but I’d sure like to . One of these days, the time will be right….

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Amusing Walrus Page

Here’s a link to an amusingly-written, info and link-packed page by Grig “Punkie” Larson. Called, coincidentally, the World Wide Walrus! Mr Larson is a writer by trade, and the author of the (now out of print) Saga of the Punk Walrus (info page here). Anyway, I like this page. Mostly because it’s a fun read, and clearly a predecessor of this site, but not least because I’m old enough to miss the “old” World Wide Web and coming across still-existing old-school pages like this makes me smile.

Ride The Walrus!

Ride the Walrus!
Extreme Walrus Juice!

Made from fresh-squeezed walrus! Once again, graphic evidence that somewhere in the writing crew associated with Matt Groening’s various production companies – there is a fan of the walrus. This one’s from Futurama. A semi-interesting aside: When my son was younger and we were swimming, he’d yell out “Ride the Walrus!” and climb on my back to be pulled around the pool. I’ve only seen like 3 episodes of Futurama, but this must have been one of them. As far as my claim that someone associated with Futurama/The Simpsons is a fan of the walrus, allow me to link to my earlier post “Grand Theft Walrus!“…

Buy a T-Shirt with the Extreme Walrus Juice design from Zazzle: