Walrus Adult Costume – hey, it’s “Amazon’s Choice!”

Adult Walrus Costume

Adult Walrus Costume

It’s your lucky day! Here’s he finest adult walrus costume available on Amazon.com – in fact, it’s “Amazon’s Choice“. One pictures Amazon employees flip-flapping around Seattle wearing these, as I type!

  • Material: Fleece (100% polyester).
  • All of our kigurumi costumes are machine washable and can stand repeated cleanings without losing their shape.
  • 100% Original from Sazac the creator of Kigurumi in Japan.
  • Machine washable High quality fiber used in manufacture.
  • Adult Kigurumi are One-Size-Fits-All and Unisex. They are made to be loose fitting and will fit anyone at least five feet tall.
  • New “Adults XL” Size for those 6 feet tall and beyond.

You know you want one. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

I know what you’re asking… What the heck is Kigurumi? Well, I am here to point you to the explanation. WARNING: this involves Japanese pop-culture, so you may not be ready for this level of knowledge… But here we go:

“Kigurumi” comes from a combination of two Japanese words: kiru(“to wear”) and nuigurumi (“stuffed toy”). Traditionally, it referred specifically to the performers wearing the costume, but the word has since grown to include the costumes themselves.

According to Kigurumi-shop.com – and this is my favorite quote from the page – “In addition to pajamas, kigurumi make great everyday clothes.“  (emphasis mine)

So if you want your life to go from “tedious to old school stupendous” you better hit the link above or click on the photo to pick yourself up the greatest walrus costume you can on Amazon!

Top 6 Walrus Tweets it’s Time to Retire

Bashful Walrus

As some of you may know – I keep a running search for “walrus” going on Twitter (via a column in Tweetdeck). As a result, I see many many tweets about walruses, or featuring the word walrus. After some time of doing this, I have determined that there are certain walrus-related tweets that it’s time to hang up for good. Seriously, you have no idea how many times some of these are tweeted.

Here then, are the top six walrus-related tweets that need to be retired from Twitter:

  • “That awkward moment when it’s silent in class and your stomach decides to make a dying walrus sound.”
  • TIE: “I am the walrus” and tweets related the the “bashful walrus and the fishcake” picture, above.
  • “My voice sounds great when I’m singing with my earphones on, Then I take them off and I realize I sound like a dying walrus”
  • “The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to speak of many things- of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax- of cabbages, and kings.”
  • Anything related to the YouTube video “Obey the Walrus”
  • “When a guy looks at me and I can’t tell if he’s thinking “She’s cute!” or if he’s thinking “How did that walrus escape the zoo?”

To prove my assertion that these are overused – I didn’t have to type any of those, I just opened a tab with Tweetdeck and there they were, all re-posted within the last 24 hours or so! In other news, when did “dying walrus” become the go-to metaphor for really bad singing?

It was good fun while it lasted but it’s time to move on. The above tweets have long since jumped the shark, er… the walrus. Do you have suggestions to add?

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Wipeout Canada: The Walrus Connection!

One of my Twitter followers, friend of the blog @Walruswhisperer (Phil Demers) WON the first running of the course on the Canadian version of Wipeout which aired in Canada last night! Big bucks and serious bragging rights!

Here’s where this post is going to get kind of long… First of all, Phil had contacted me on Twitter (@walrusweb) to make me aware of his incredible walrus story (details below and in a future post), so I was extra-amused when he tweeted that he’d be on Wipeout – since aside from Walruses, Wipeout is one of my favorite things-that-no-one-understands-my-love-of. I can NOT get enough of people doing amazing faceplants and flying through the air while trying to get through that course. Don’t get me started.

This is not the only time in my recent life that walruses and Wipeout have come together. Since it’s my blog, I’ll tell this brief story. But first I have to make a confession. I’m a TV talker. I cannot watch a TV show such as Wipeout without talking to the screen, or in the case of Wipeout, loudly saying “OOOOF!” or “Right in the FACE!” while watching the show. I can’t help it, it’s reflex. I am the laughing stock of the house, and certain of the family will not watch TV with me because of this. So anyway, my girlfriend and I recently got involved in a contest (as in the Seinfeld episode, but not related to, well… you know) with the various kids of the house. The contest went like this: each person would have one thing selected for them that they would have to give up. Things like Justin Beiber, texting, or talking during TV shows. All the kids assumed I’d be the first one out, and they came up with a plan to break me immediately. Yes – I got home to find YouTube via the PS3 hooked up to the big TV with Wipeout’s funniest wipeouts and other clips cued up. They though they had me, but I was strong. I managed to watch several clips without uttering an OOF or so much as an “oh MAN!” when someone got clocked in the FACE by that one obstacle, or flew off of the red balls flailing into the water… I was cold as ice. Nothing. I had won. Then I mentioned that there was this one walrus video they should check out and we ended up watch random Youtube walrus videos. There was with one video where this guy was talking about the HUGE walrus! Wow! Look at that WALRUS! and I immediately broke down. “That’s a sea lion you idiot!” I yelled at the screen. And just like that I was out. Like Phil – I had survived Wipeout, only to be brought down by some hodad who doesn’t know his pinnipeds.

Congrats Phil! Especially if you held on long enough to read this entire post!

Here’s a link to the brief piece about Phil’s win in the Niagra Falls Review.

Here’s Phil’s Wipeout audition tape from YouTube:

Here’s a link to Wipeout Canada’s website, but be warned – I don’t think anyone outside Canada can see this video. I can’t anyway – I’ve tried on a few browsers, so I suspect it’s Canada only..

I will be posting more about Phil shortly – if you think his story sounds familiar, it’s likely you’ve heard of his unusual relationship with Smooshi the Walrus! If you haven’t – watch this next vid and prepare to be amazed.

Not quite EVERYTHING is coming up walrus….

Here’s a quickie list of walrus-related memes, phenomena etc that I am aware of but will NOT be posting about. Just thought I’d share…

  1. “The Walrus Sings at Midnight”
  2. The Ambien Walrus
  3. “And there was an alligator and a walrus, and three men died with an axe! A hatchet to the face!”
  4. Oasis’ (or anyone else’s) cover of  “I am The Walrus”
  5. Wilford Brimley, Craig Stadler, et al…

Yeah, OK – this doesn’t count as a real post – just my first of the month “Meta”.

Upper Playground: One of my Fave Walrus Logos

Here’a another in my on-going and totally informal round up of design/apparel companies with cool Walrus logos. I’ve loved Upper Playground’s walrus logo for a long time. UP is an urban apparel/designed goods retailer based out of San Francisco, with an excellent online store. They have a store in Portland, which is where I am, over in Old Town – I think I’ll cruise over there and buy one of these shirts.

If you want one, here’s the direct link to the men’s T with this walrus logo, but if you like urban/street apparel with a great, edgy design sensibility – check em out. There’s more to life than Hot Topic, kids.

Since 1999 Upper Playground has been committed to representing progressive urban lifestyles. With headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Upper Playground has established itself as a leader in the contemporary art movement.

Check out UPs blog(s), if you’re into contemporary and/or street art and culture.

Rhonda the Negative Walrus Stereotype

In my quest to cover all things Walrus, I give you a cartoon walrus I do not approve of, on a show I don’t like much either. Ironically, this episode is one of the only entire episodes of “The Penguins of Madagascar” that I’ve seen. So allow me to introduce you to Rhonda the Walrus.  The episode description should cover why I don’t particularly care for this character.
Marlene is getting a new roommate. Before her roommate arrives, she dances with Skipper with excitement, but Skipper is paranoid that Marlene’s roommate may be a spy, possibly with the intent of stealing Kowalski’s newest invention, a device whose function is not yet known, even by Kowalski. The penguins point out to Marlene that the new arrival weighs at least 1,500 pounds, enormously heavier than she is, and suggest that multitudes of otters might be on the way. The new roommate turns out to be a walrus named Rhonda, who is sloppy, has bad manners, bullies Marlene, and uses her as a live tissue. She also farts in the water constantly as well as in Marlene’s home. After faking her approval to the penguins several times, Marlene finally asks them to ship Rhonda somewhere else. But when she learns that a labeling error resulted in Rhonda being headed for a polar bear reserve in Alaska, her guilty conscience causes her to save the annoying roommate. At the docks, Marlene grabs onto a rope and uses Kowalski’s invention, which turns out to be a plasma cutter, to free the crate at the dock where Rhonda is being shipped out of. Once the crate returns to the zoo, Marlene and the penguins arrange for Rhonda to be transferred to the Hoboken Aquarium. Rhonda ends up being a spy after all, and she steals Kowalski’s plasma cutter and discusses it with Dr. Blowhole, Skipper’s unseen dolphin arch-enemy, en route to a new aquarium.
Rhonda’s the type of character you come up with when you use the word “walrus” as an insult. And let me close this out with one note to Dreamworks: Rhonda is a FEMALE walrus. WHY does she have TUSKS?
Rhonda is voiced by Kathy Kinney who was the overly made-up loudmouth Mimi (a character I initially found refreshing) on the old Drew Carey show.

Top five interpretations of “Koo Koo Ka Joob” or whatever, on Twitter just now

This morning brings us another endless stream of people Twittering the chorus of “I Am the Walrus”. It is continually amazing to me how many people all over the world, in several languages, feel the need to tweet some permutation of the phrase “I am the Walrus”. Another thing that amuses me is how people are spelling whatever it is that the Beatles laid down as the final phrase in the chorus. My interpretation has always sort of been “Koo Koo Ka Joob”, but here are a list of five current versions of this lyric on the Twitter just now.

  1. Goo Goo G’Joob!
  2. Koo Koo Koochu
  3. Coo Coo Ca Choo
  4. Kukukuchu
  5. Good good good job!

Of those, today there seems to be worldwide consensus on “Goo Goo G’Joob” which I haven’t seen much recently but is very common this morning.  A week ago, around John’s birthday, it was different.

I’m not sure why this has captured my interest this morning, and sorry it’s not ‘really’ walrus related but there you are!

Rotor the Walrus

Rotor the Walrus
Rotor the Walrus

As part of my ongoing quest to make you readers aware of walruses in popular culture, I give you Rotor the Walrus, a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series. I became aware of Rotor by accident, I’m too old to have watched the Sonic cartoons and never played the games, but my young son has been very into Sonic for some time. One night when I had half an eye on the TV, I noticed Rotor! So here he is. Not as well known as other popular cartoon walruses (like Chumley, which is the most popular search term that brings viewers to this site). Rotor is the mechanical genius of Sonic’s team of “freedom fighters”. He is self-described as a nerd, and this quote appears on his fanclub site (linked below). “If I spend my time working on this, I don’t have to face other people”, which I suppose is a very walrusy sentiment.

Here’s a link to an info page about Rotor:

Here’s his wikipedia entry:

Rotor even has a fanclub site: