Rhonda the Negative Walrus Stereotype

In my quest to cover all things Walrus, I give you a cartoon walrus I do not approve of, on a show I don’t like much either. Ironically, this episode is one of the only entire episodes of “The Penguins of Madagascar” that I’ve seen. So allow me to introduce you to Rhonda the Walrus.  The episode description should cover why I don’t particularly care for this character.
Marlene is getting a new roommate. Before her roommate arrives, she dances with Skipper with excitement, but Skipper is paranoid that Marlene’s roommate may be a spy, possibly with the intent of stealing Kowalski’s newest invention, a device whose function is not yet known, even by Kowalski. The penguins point out to Marlene that the new arrival weighs at least 1,500 pounds, enormously heavier than she is, and suggest that multitudes of otters might be on the way. The new roommate turns out to be a walrus named Rhonda, who is sloppy, has bad manners, bullies Marlene, and uses her as a live tissue. She also farts in the water constantly as well as in Marlene’s home. After faking her approval to the penguins several times, Marlene finally asks them to ship Rhonda somewhere else. But when she learns that a labeling error resulted in Rhonda being headed for a polar bear reserve in Alaska, her guilty conscience causes her to save the annoying roommate. At the docks, Marlene grabs onto a rope and uses Kowalski’s invention, which turns out to be a plasma cutter, to free the crate at the dock where Rhonda is being shipped out of. Once the crate returns to the zoo, Marlene and the penguins arrange for Rhonda to be transferred to the Hoboken Aquarium. Rhonda ends up being a spy after all, and she steals Kowalski’s plasma cutter and discusses it with Dr. Blowhole, Skipper’s unseen dolphin arch-enemy, en route to a new aquarium.
Rhonda’s the type of character you come up with when you use the word “walrus” as an insult. And let me close this out with one note to Dreamworks: Rhonda is a FEMALE walrus. WHY does she have TUSKS?
Rhonda is voiced by Kathy Kinney who was the overly made-up loudmouth Mimi (a character I initially found refreshing) on the old Drew Carey show.

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  1. Urgle, I saw this a while ago, too. Just when I was hopefuly to see a cool animated walrus, I had to see THIS little b****. >:(

    I share your feelings sir. This walrus create an unrealistic standard of walrusdom, just like Barbie did for girls! *gives ya comforting flipper hugs* 🙂

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