Rotor the Walrus

Rotor the Walrus
Rotor the Walrus

As part of my ongoing quest to make you readers aware of walruses in popular culture, I give you Rotor the Walrus, a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series. I became aware of Rotor by accident, I’m too old to have watched the Sonic cartoons and never played the games, but my young son has been very into Sonic for some time. One night when I had half an eye on the TV, I noticed Rotor! So here he is. Not as well known as other popular cartoon walruses (like Chumley, which is the most popular search term that brings viewers to this site). Rotor is the mechanical genius of Sonic’s team of “freedom fighters”. He is self-described as a nerd, and this quote appears on his fanclub site (linked below). “If I spend my time working on this, I don’t have to face other people”, which I suppose is a very walrusy sentiment.

Here’s a link to an info page about Rotor:

Here’s his wikipedia entry:

Rotor even has a fanclub site:

Grand Theft Walrus

Grand Theft Walrus Screencap

So I’m sitting there innocently watching The Simpsons Movie when out of nowhere comes the greatest video game that never existed, Grand Theft Walrus! An instant classic, to be sure. Obviously not an Atlantic or Pacific Walrus, the Liberty City walrus is clearly on the fast track to nowhere. Here’s some links to relevant reference material, including the clip from the movie.

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