Back to life….

Hi everyone – sorry things have gone quiet on here. I’ve been so swamped as my real job has been growing and growing and eating most if not all of my time. Sadly, the Walrus Web had paid the price. However – I am back. Hope you continue to follow the Walrus Web, I’ve got a bunch of posts queued up and with the long weekend, even I have time to update the blog! There will be action on the Walrus Web Twitter account as well, if you don’t follow us, please do: @walrusweb

Sorry for the break!

2 thoughts on “Back to life….

  1. Really glad you’re okay and things are back on track with this site, sir! 🙂 I was worried when it was being relinked to other virus-y sites, but I didn’t want to give up on it, either! Big flipper hugs to you and yours and Happiest of Holidays, too! 😛

    • Hey Royce! Yeah, my site got hit with a SQL injection hack. I had to replace the database, etc. Took me a while to get the malicious code out. Happy holidays, glad you’re still reading!

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