Monthly Meta: Facts about the blog

Happy February regular readers, and welcome new visitors! I’m just marking a spot here for the monthly “meta” post. For those of you that aren’t nerds, “meta” is a term used by those of us who spend WAY too much time online, to refer to data associated with a thing. I use the tag “Meta” to describe posts that aren’t about walruses, but are about the blog. I only do one meta post a month, maximum, unless something unusual happens.

January was our busiest month so far on the blog – we’ve been doing a little advertising, and it’s driven SOME traffic to the site, but the vast majority comes from Google. As you may know, we’re on Twitter and twitter is now our number 2 referrer (only 7%, versus 64% for Google – so a distant second). Are you following us on Twitter? We post about new blog posts and also retweet interesting walrus stuff and respond at random to tweets mentioning walruses.

Chumley the Walrus still rules the search terms with an iron flipper. 12 of the top twenty search terms people use to find the blog involve Chumley.

We’ve got some fun stuff coming up this month. I have a lot in my drafts folder – if I wasn’t so busy with my actual JOB, I’d be able to post more often. Please pass the word about the World Wide Walrus Web to your friends online via Twitter or your own blogs, as always – thanks for your visits and comments and feel free to help us out by clicking on an ad link now and then – this isn’t our job, but hosting isn’t free…

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