Bluey The Walrus

This is “Bluey The Walrus” who is a boss-level character in the video game “Diddy Kong Racing”. H’es found in the”Snowflake Mountain” area of the game. Apparently he’s pretty hard to beat, at least is the Nintendo DS version of the game.

Here’s the wiki entry about Bluey over at Super Mario Wiki.

I’ve done a fair amount of research towards cartoon walrus characters, and have been noticing the frequent use of the walrus as a video game character – I sense a new category of posts. In fact, I’ve just added a category for video games to the blog’s category list. We’ll see what else I can find. As for Bluey, I’ll put my son, a voracious player of all DS games, on the case and we’ll see if we can get some hands-on Bluey racing experience.

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  1. Love him!!! 🙂 Thanks a million! I’m afraid i’m no good that particular game, but I CAN provide ideas for walruses in video games! There are some interesting walruses in the following:

    Xenogears (Playstation 1)
    Legend of Mana (Playstation 1)
    The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Game Boy)
    Crash Bandicoot – Twinsanity (Don’t know what console)

    I’m sure there’s more…just have to find them! 🙂 They seem to be classified as ship-oriented characters, mostly pirates. 🙂 Hence why I want to make a “Cap’n Tusk” version of Royce in the future!

    Here’s a vid for you!

    Big flipper hugs!

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