Walrus wear for tough guys and gals

Wanna profess your love for the tooth-walkers and still maintain your hip indie street cred? This shirt might do the trick. No one will mess with this walrus!

Voodoo walrus t-shirt
Voodoo Walrus T-Shirt Design

The Voodoo Walrus is a webcomic, which according to their site (and my experience) has “nothing to do with walruses and very little to do with voodoo, the design still remains surreal and iconic in its randomness.” Note that the Voodoo Walrus webcomic is an adult-oriented affair. This doesn’t necessarily mean “adult” in the nudity and cursing sense, but you don’t want to call the kids over…

Here’s a link to where you can buy the shirt @ Red Bubble.com

2 thoughts on “Walrus wear for tough guys and gals

  1. Holy crap! Our site and our most awesome t-shirt design being pimped on an epic walrus centric blog? Very awesome indeed. Thank you! We do our best. Even if our name is a wee bit misleading!

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