Simon the Walrus: UK Argos Advertisement

First, a disclaimer: No, walrus do NOT forage around atop the ice for food, I am aware that they root around the sea floor with their whiskers. And no, walrus and penguins do NOT happily co-exist in the frozen north (or more properly south). Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the post.

“Simon the Walrus” is currently advocating the benefits of grocery delivery in the UK. These spots are amusing, and it’s fun to see a walrus being used as an advertising spokesmodel. From his accent, Simon must have gone to a good school, with a dignified voice that befits his station.

But even more enjoyable is the “behind the scenes” video posted to Youtube by Argos, showing how the spot was shot and how Simon was made and animated – I assumed it was CGI. I was wrong. Check this out!

We got the experts, the top guys in this business, to do this walrus…

The spots are created by UK Ad agency CHI & Partners.