Christmas Shopping this weekend? How about adopting a walrus?

Remember this post from last year? You can “adopt” a walrus from the WWF. For a small donation you get a really nice stuffed walrus, a certificate and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping the World Widlife Fund in their efforts to preserve endagered and threatened species like (unfortunately) the Walrus.

Here’s a link to the original post with the full info.

Umky Patrol: Protecting us from polar bears, protecting walrus from themselves.

This video just showed up on YouTube.  This is from the from the World Wildlife Fund and explains their “Umky Patrols” which is a partnership with the Chukchi in Northern Russia. Primarily to keep polar bears from continuing to intrude on villages and become scavengers, the patrols are also protecting the large walrus haul-outs occurring (apparently) on the Russian “side” as well. Their protection of the walrus is centered on controlling panicked stampedes among the large haul outs, which result in crushed calf walruses. The walrus portion of this video starts at 1:29, although there are some disturbing images of dead walrus – so this one’s probably not for the younger kids.

The Umky Patrol highlighted here is in Russia – but we’ve got the same issues going on in Alaska. In fact the Chuchki apparently recently visited their counterparts in Alaska to share expertise and hopefully extend the protective efforts to “our” fragile Arctic animals as well.

Chukotka, by the way – is directly across the Bering Strait from Alaska and is the closest Russian territory to the US. That part of Russia that Sarah Palin can “see” from her back porch – it’d be Chukotka. That would make these Pacific Walruses.

For more on WWF’s work in the Arctic, and on the Umky Patrol, visit:

All I Want for Christmas is to Adopt a Walrus!

The World Wildlife Fund has what I think will be the perfect Christmas present for me this year. It’s the Walrus Adoption Kit!

Drifting slowly on ice floes through the Arctic waters of Canada, Alaska, northeast Russia, and Greenland, the walrus is easily recognized by its massive size and impressive tusks. With Arctic ice melting due to warmer temperatures, the walrus is losing its primary habitat for resting, birthing, nursing calves, and protecting itself from predators.

Each symbolic adoption kit includes a:

  • high-quality wildlife plush.
  • reusable gift bag, made from recycled plastic.
  • personalized adoption certificate.
  • letter that identifies you as the gift-giver.
  • details on the work that your gift will help support.

There are 3 levels, $100, $50 and $25. Not all of the amount is deductible since you get the cute stuffed walrus, but helping the walrus is not about the tax deductions. This time is definitely making it onto the list of great walrus-related Christmas gifts, which is a future post I’m putting the finishing touches on for the near future. Until then, go buy one for the walrus-lover on your Christmas or Holiday list.

Here’s the link: Adopt a walrus kit from World Wildlife Fund