What does a Walrus Sound Like, 2.0

I originally posted on this topic some months ago here (What Does a Walrus Sound Like?) but I just now discovered a great new interview via NOVA Science Now that will really give you a complete picture of the types of sounds a walrus makes. This is from the walruses at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA – where you may be aware they are awaiting the imminent and very rare birth of a walrus calf! This is a great audio/photo feature.

The interactive feature is packed with GORGEOUS walrus photos, lots of info thanks to trainer Leah Coombs of Six Flags and Dr. Colleen Reichmuth of UC Santa Cruz. This is old, it’s from ’09 but it’s new to me, and likely new to you too. Sivuqaq and Uquq, two of the featured walruses, are today’s expectant parents!

Here’s the link to the interview (transcript and audio) over at PBS.com/Nova

And that’s what a Walrus sounds like.

What Does a Walrus Sound Like?

Despite what you may have heard, walruses do NOT say “Koo Koo Ka Choo” although you wouldn’t know it by the frequency at which that phrase is posted to Twitter. In actuality, a walrus sounds a little like “Chewbacca” from Star Wars or more accurately, the other way around. Walrus make a variety of grunting and whistling sounds, they do NOT bark like sea lions. Hear and see for yourself

Here’s a “soundboard” of various walrus sounds as well. Now you know!