Great Migrations: Pacific Walrus

I have posted about this program before, when it first aired, in this post. This embedded clip is a minute or so from the “behind the scenes” episode – this one is from a larger ABC News piece about the Great Migrations program. There’s some great walrus footage in here – it’s worth a look.

I really wish I could find a way to watch this entire program online, but neither Hulu nor Netflix has it for streaming. I’m not paying Comcast even MORE money per month just to get National Geographic Channel. Guess I might have to hunt down the DVD. Oh no wait, check that, Amazon has it for download/streaming through Amazon Prime. $19.99 though!

Purple Walrus Design

OK, I don’t normally do this but I’ve been meaning to post about the many businesses (and particularly design firms) that use the walrus as part of their name, or logo. So anyway, Melissa Duffy, the principal behind Purple Walrus Design has recently discovered the Walrus Web and posted a few comments, asking me to take a look at her website and post a link. I guess I’m feeling generous what with it being the holidays and all… At the risk of opening myself up to even more SEO-optimization spammers all wanting me to check out their sites….

Meet Purple Walrus Design! A Long Island NY-based graphic designer, Melissa Duffy, is using the awesome visual and visceral power of the walrus to brand her design practice. Melissa offers a range of design services – ads, logos and corporate ID packages. If you click on the link “Why the Walrus?” to find out why Melissa chose a walrus as her branding, you find the answer!

Why not? Walruses are Awesome!

Thanks for the comments Melissa. I have a graphic design degree and have worked in digital production and various forms of advertising and digital marketing since the late 80’s. I no longer actively do design and production work as my career, but it’s been a great way to make a living. Doing it on your own is tough though, especially today, so maybe this modest post will help you build your brand! Thanks for the comments Melissa.

Love the logo? Want to “Grab Life by the Tusks?” visit the Purple Walrus cafepress store.

Purple Walrus also has a Facebook page, here.

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