The Time Has Come.. Sting namechecks a walrus!

I’ve been a fan of Sting for years. I was really into the Police back in the 80’s, they ares still my favorite group. I’ve listened to Sting since he went solo. You can say what you want about his music, and most people do, but on thing is for sure – Sting has continued to record a LOT of music, in many many different genres, essentially following his passion wherever it leads, whether or not us old 80’s new-wavers agree or not!

Sting has always had an affinity for reggae music, so the only real surprise about his new album with Shaggy, is how long it took for his to come out with a reggae record.

How does this relate to this site? Well, I’ll tell you – I was listening to the full album today and I heard a very familiar phrase…

The time has come, the walrus said… to talk of many things….

You know how the rest of it goes! Or if you don’t – you need to re-read Alice in Wonderland! Anyway, if you get a kick out of Sting’s first mention of a walrus in his music (as far as I know, and I’ve listened to it all…) then check out this track, and the rest of the album is good summer listening too!

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Here’s the link to the Album on Amazon

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