Uhaul Walrus Graphic

One of the things I’ve enjoyed over the years are the high-quality postcard-style vector illustrations decorating the sides of U-haul moving trucks. There are several for each state and of course, the series includes a walrus!

This illustration is one of several for the state of Maine. The text refers to the presence of Walrus in Maine during and after the last ice age. I have more information about these Altantic Walrus coming in a future post. It’s a change from our usual focus on the more common Pacific Walrus.

As for U-Haul, the illustration series is highlighted on a excellent series of webpages at U-Haul’s site. The explain the illustrations, have PDF coloring versions of each illustration and lots of information about the subject matter of each of the graphics.

Here’s a link to the walrus-specific page:
Here’s the Coloring Book PDF link (downloadable PDF file):

You can’t book a flight, or a Uhaul to Maine if you want to see walrus these days, seems like we’ve all missed them by a few years… I really enjoy this series and give much credit to the effort that U-haul has put towards the support of this marketing campaign.

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  1. We are glad you like our SuperGraphics. You are right, unfortunately you can’t see a Walrus on a trip to Maine (except perhaps in a zoo,) but you can see our SuperGraphics traveling across the country on the side of U-Haul trucks.

    If you like them, be sure to become a fan of U-Haul SuperGraphics on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/supergraphics

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