Upper Playground: One of my Fave Walrus Logos

Here’a another in my on-going and totally informal round up of design/apparel companies with cool Walrus logos. I’ve loved Upper Playground’s walrus logo for a long time. UP is an urban apparel/designed goods retailer based out of San Francisco, with an excellent online store. They have a store in Portland, which is where I am, over in Old Town – I think I’ll cruise over there and buy one of these shirts.

If you want one, here’s the direct link to the men’s T with this walrus logo, but if you like urban/street apparel with a great, edgy design sensibility – check em out. There’s more to life than Hot Topic, kids.

Since 1999 Upper Playground has been committed to representing progressive urban lifestyles. With headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Upper Playground has established itself as a leader in the contemporary art movement.

Check out UPs blog(s), if you’re into contemporary and/or street art and culture.