Walrus Mutant Pirate!

OK, that’s a phrase I didn’t think I’d be using as a headline… Here’s an interesting walrus figure, from French toy Company Papo, the Mutant Walrus Pirate. This is pretty much guaranteed to give small kids nightmares! But would be great fun to play with, when you just HAVE to have the ultimate action figure menace.

Papo toys are usually available at specialty toy stores, and now our local Fred Meyer has them – they’re probably also at Toys R Us and maybe Target? The offer a full line of knights, fantasy figures and pirates as well as LOTS of different animals, but oddly – not a walrus! I have a Papo-style walrus figure sitting on top of my bookshelf stereo on my dresser – I thought it was Papo until I hit their website and can find no walrus in their product line. Now I wonder who makes it?

Here’s the full collection of Papo figurines from their website:

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  1. WOW!! This is incredible!!! And I REALLY want to make a pirate customization of Royce….this might just be the model I’ll use! 😀 Thanks a million, sir!!! *gives happy flipper hugs*

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